How to find the perfect beach to stay at?

Koh tao is the most beautiful island so far I've been to in Thailand, especially my experience at this "Sairee Beach"Picking a beach while planning an Island ???? Destination is often confusing because of the options available. To help you decide, here's how ya girl do it. I ask myself all these questions:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀????.???????????????? ???????? ????????????

How to find the perfect beach to stay at?2019-09-11T16:29:44+05:00

How Travel Taught Me To See Faiths

What do you believe in? Being a traveler, FAITH or the lack of it has been a very fascinating topic for me. To see that humans may differ in faith, but they are so similar in their desire to strongly hold one. In Georgia, people are very religious. You see them say a prayer every

How Travel Taught Me To See Faiths2019-09-03T19:12:26+05:00

How A Pakistani Girl Sees The World

  Unlike most travellers of the world, I don't just love small villages, subcultures and historical architecture, but also modern cities with futuristic-looking buildings! There, I said it.I mean isn't it about from where you see the world. I see the world from the eyes of a girl born in Karachi, who grew up seeing

How A Pakistani Girl Sees The World2019-09-03T17:16:10+05:00

22 Pakistani Tour Operators You Can Consider For Next Trip

Are you planning a trip to Northern areas of Pakistan & are overwhelmed by the tours and tour operators you keep seeing on your Facebook? Or, are you a foreign traveller, who has just gotten Pakistani Visa and are looking to book your trip via a local tour operator based in Pakistan?  We have compiled

22 Pakistani Tour Operators You Can Consider For Next Trip2019-08-07T19:33:59+05:00

18 Pictures To Inspire You To Visit Hunza In Cherry Blossom

  Here is a photo blog of some of my best moments enjoying cherry blossom in Hunza Valley Pakistan. I took these pictures during my first and short tour in 2017.   Stopping to admire wildflowers, on way from Islamabad   Somewhere near Chilas, not minding the wait for traffic jam at all   First

18 Pictures To Inspire You To Visit Hunza In Cherry Blossom2018-11-01T18:28:41+05:00

4 Trips You Can Take Last Minute On Eid

If you are still thinking about escaping somewhere during Eid holidays for a few days, without going through visa hassle and staying under a budget; I have penned down 4 simple ideas below. You may have visited some of these countries, but you might realize there is a different place you can visit this time. 

4 Trips You Can Take Last Minute On Eid2018-08-06T21:54:50+05:00

How To: Turkish Visa On Pakistani Passport

If it is your first trip to Turkey, do not think the Blue Mosque or Hot Air Balloon is a cliche. And if you have been to the main cities, going back to Turkey for a relaxing short trip to spend your holidays, is a great idea. You don't have to stress about the Turkey visa

How To: Turkish Visa On Pakistani Passport2018-10-28T18:16:11+05:00

Bioluminescent Beach In Pakistan

Why has this topic not been journaled yet by Pakistani publishers or journalists. Why! It does not deserve a casual mention. My Impression Few days ago I went on a weekend getaway to a relatively hidden, lesser-visited one kilometer stretch of a beach, at a short distance from Mubarak Village (in Pakistan) called Bhit Khori.

Bioluminescent Beach In Pakistan2018-10-28T18:18:36+05:00

How I Did Japan In Under $2000

Konichwa! Probably the biggest reason that is keeping you from visiting Japan is its reputation for being a really expensive city. It is true, BUT, Japan is NOT more expensive than any other big metropolitan city in the world, like NYC or Amsterdam or London or Paris. and if you are a savvy traveller, you

How I Did Japan In Under $20002018-11-01T18:25:00+05:00

30 Unique Japanese Experiences

If there were some awards, to be given to countries based on their culture and lifestyle, award for most the most bizarre lifestyle would no doubt go to Japan. Where to even start about unique things I found in Japan? But I must pen this one. To really travel Japan one must not only experience

30 Unique Japanese Experiences2018-11-01T18:31:50+05:00

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