How To: Singapore Visa On Pakistani Passport

If you have a few extra days on your Asia trip, why not see a new country. Singapore is a small country that you can manage to squeeze in 2 days if you are already planning more than a week-long trip to Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia. But you have to plan ahead and prepare for Singapore visa

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How To: Malaysian Visa On Pakistani Passport

Traveling to Malaysia has never been easier. They have recently launched their Evisa and us Pakistani passport holders can very conveniently apply for it and get it within 2 days. Some people even have reported getting it in an hour. A friend mentioned the process was so easy I did it on my phone while

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How To: Thailand Visa On Pakistani Passport

  There are some countries, which fortunately for us Pakistanis, have very easy visa policy. Thailand is one of the most beautiful, culturally rich tourists' destinations which offers visas to Pakistanis passport holders without a lot of requirements. While many of us have been there more than once, it still is on the list of many Pakistanis

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How To: Cambodia Visa On Pakistani Passport

Some time ago, Pakistanis needed to obtain Cambodia visa from an embassy before arriving at any Cambodian airport. The easiest was and still is their embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. But recently, they have launched their e-visa and also have listed Pakistan as a country not just eligible for e-visa but for also for visa on

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How To: Japan Visa On Pakistani Passport

Source: Intrepid Travel Applying for Japan visa on a Pakistani passport is so easy that it makes me wonder why do people not visit there as frequently as they do to other destinations. I got mine in 5 days without any hassle or difficulty. Disclaimer: Although this guide does not guarantee any one a visa

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As I turned the decade two weeks ago, on September 27th, the pressing question I had to answer to myself was about the travel experiences which will be the priority for thirties. This amazing planet earth has so much to offer for the one who wonders and wants to wander. Having been to four continents,

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