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How To: Thailand Visa On Pakistani Passport

  There are some countries, which fortunately for us Pakistanis, have very easy visa policy. Thailand is one of the most beautiful, culturally rich tourists' destinations which offers visas to Pakistanis passport holders without a lot of requirements. While many of us have been there more than once, it still is on the list of many Pakistanis

How To: Thailand Visa On Pakistani Passport2018-10-28T18:17:46+05:00

Bioluminescent Beach In Pakistan

Why has this topic not been journaled yet by Pakistani publishers or journalists. Why! It does not deserve a casual mention. My Impression Few days ago I went on a weekend getaway to a relatively hidden, lesser-visited one kilometer stretch of a beach, at a short distance from Mubarak Village (in Pakistan) called Bhit Khori.

Bioluminescent Beach In Pakistan2018-10-28T18:18:36+05:00

How I Did Japan In Under $2000

Konichwa! Probably the biggest reason that is keeping you from visiting Japan is its reputation for being a really expensive city. It is true, BUT, Japan is NOT more expensive than any other big metropolitan city in the world, like NYC or Amsterdam or London or Paris. and if you are a savvy traveller, you

How I Did Japan In Under $20002018-11-01T18:25:00+05:00

30 Unique Japanese Experiences

If there were some awards, to be given to countries based on their culture and lifestyle, award for most the most bizarre lifestyle would no doubt go to Japan. Where to even start about unique things I found in Japan? But I must pen this one. To really travel Japan one must not only experience

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How To: Kenya Visa On Pakistani Passport

It is not often that we hear fellow Pakistanis say that they want to visit Kenya for holidays. But visa to Kenya on a Pakistani passport is so easy and hassle free to obtain, that we all must put it in our bucket list. Kenya is the quintessential Africa. If

How To: Kenya Visa On Pakistani Passport2018-10-28T18:18:15+05:00

How To: Cambodia Visa On Pakistani Passport

Some time ago, Pakistanis needed to obtain Cambodia visa from an embassy before arriving at any Cambodian airport. The easiest was and still is their embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. But recently, they have launched their e-visa and also have listed Pakistan as a country not just eligible for e-visa but for also for visa on

How To: Cambodia Visa On Pakistani Passport2018-10-28T18:18:46+05:00

How To: Japan Visa On Pakistani Passport

Source: Intrepid Travel Applying for Japan visa on a Pakistani passport is so easy that it makes me wonder why do people not visit there as frequently as they do to other destinations. I got mine in 5 days without any hassle or difficulty. Disclaimer: Although this guide does not guarantee any one a visa

How To: Japan Visa On Pakistani Passport2018-10-28T18:18:56+05:00


As I turned the decade two weeks ago, on September 27th, the pressing question I had to answer to myself was about the travel experiences which will be the priority for thirties. This amazing planet earth has so much to offer for the one who wonders and wants to wander. Having been to four continents,

MY THIRTY’S BUCKET LIST TRAVEL2018-11-01T18:29:52+05:00


  East Africa is indeed a destination that surprises you. There are many ways you can build an trip plan depending on how many days you have, what is your budget, and what type of activities you want to do. I wanted to visit this region, and had about 3 weeks of time. My budget was

3 WEEKS COST OF KENYA, UGANDA, TANZANIA2018-05-09T21:10:19+05:00


Here's an account of my 6 days in Kenya. Find the summary of my itinerary at the end. Day 1: Saturday I flew to Nairobi via Rwand Air from Dubai (transiting for couple of hours in Rwanda). Landed and reached my hotel around 6pm. Scrambled around my hotel's neighbourhood to find an exChange shop and

HOW TO SPEND 6 DAYS IN KENYA2018-05-09T21:08:22+05:00