What do you believe in?

Being a traveler, FAITH or the lack of it has been a very fascinating topic for me. To see that humans may differ in faith, but they are so similar in their desire to strongly hold one.

In Georgia, people are very religious. You see them say a prayer every time they pass by a church. The churches are so many, and most of them very beautiful to see.

Orthodox Christianity is what 86% of Georgians adhere to. And the rest is Muslims & some other minorities. I also saw a mosque call Jumah Mosque, where Shia & Sunni both pray side-by-side.

Faith is defined as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. That very definition makes it very personal. I can’t have my heart & soul into something, someone else is telling me to put it in. And so, I always think there is no way anyone can tell another being to have faith in what I have faith in.

You can’t also judge someone else’s faith. You just can’t because you see it is a matter of heart. The only thing one must do, is respect it.

I have always struck conversations with strangers about what they believe in and never felt the need to convince them to believe in what I believe.

Whatcha say, travel fam?

On a lighter note, I love religious places of worship. Here in this pic, I hiked 2 hours to reach Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi. And wondered, what wonders do faith makes human do.