Unlike most travellers of the world, I don’t just love small villages, subcultures and historical architecture, but also modern cities with futuristic-looking buildings! There, I said it.

I mean isn’t it about from where you see the world.

I see the world from the eyes of a girl born in Karachi, who grew up seeing boring brown beige buildings with sea breeze sweeping dust on them, all around, all her life.

Also having never travelled anywhere in the world till age 23.

I will say it again: Buildings that bling at night & reflect in sun, fascinate me! ????????‍♀️

Japan, November 2017

Chicago, September 2018










While travelling in wilderness pack a punch of nature & kicks your senses; being out & about in a city where bridges have glasses, and metro stations have art installations and 7-11s have coffee and the streets are shiny clean and public toilets smell nice & fresh MAKES ME FEEL LIKE OOOooooHHH, what a wonderful world.

Sometimes, I think a traveller who is from a big metropolitan city, would probably only be fascinated with nature, adventure & small cities; but when I travel, I will always have two kinds of places to choose! ????????

Do you guys also see the world with a set of Pakistani eyes & fall in love with the bling of a city?

– Mini Blog by Girl With Green Passport