Do not think about booking a flight to Cuba unless you have your visa.

Despite what internet says, Pakistanis, even those with valid US visa, can’t take a flight to Cuba without preobtaining the visa. I made this mistake and was denied check-in by my airline.

There are two ways to get a Cuban visa or tourist card as they call it:

  • From their embassy in Islamabad
  • From the country, you are flying to, before Cuba

If you are planning to visit Cuba on a Pakistani passport, chances are that you are also planning a trip to Mexico or USA, along with.

If you are in Mexico, you can easily get the visa from Cuban embassy in the city you are in, while it is difficult to get it from USA, because of their relations with Cuba. I got mine from Cancun, Mexico.

It took me about an hour at their consulate in Cancun. You take all the documents to them, they will send you to a nearby bank to deposit visa fee, and meanwhile, they process your documentation. The required documents are fairly simple:

  • Flight booking
  • Hotel reservation
  • Passport
  • Credit Card
  • A passport sized photo

If however, you decide to obtain Cuban Visa from their consulate in Islamabad, in person, here is what you need:

  • Valid passport
  • Form (find it at the embassy)
  • Airline ticket with the date of entry and return
  • Visa Fee

Or if you are from Karachi or any other city, you can apply via mail, and would need to send the following:

  • Legible photocopy of valid passport
  • Legible photocopy of the air ticket with the date of entry and return
  • Visa Fee (via bank transfer only, no cash in the mail is accepted)
  • Envelope with enough stamps and address for the return of the visa


How to submit the documents? by mail or in person
What is the fee? Single Entry:  $55 
How many days does it take? 12 days by post / 1 hr at the embassy in Mexico.
Do they call for an interview? No
Do they give a reason for refusal? No
When can I re-apply if is rejected? 6 months
What is the validity period? 90 days
How many days of entry do they give? As per your itinerary



Embassy Address: F-6/1, School Road, House 13-A, Islamabad 44000
Here Is The Embassy On Google Maps

Contact: +92 51 282 4077-78


Disclaimer: This guide does not guarantee anyone a visa but it will answer all the questions you may have regarding the process.

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