If you are still thinking about escaping somewhere during Eid holidays for a few days, without going through visa hassle and staying under a budget; I have penned down 4 simple ideas below. You may have visited some of these countries, but you might realize there is a different place you can visit this time. 

1. Srilanka
> Time To Get E-Visa: 3-5 days
> Ticket Cost Around Eid: 60,000+ PKR
> Where To Go:
Skip Colombo and Galle, because Sri Lanka is about their lush green landscapes, instead head to: 

  • Nuwara Eliya (The hilly tea city)
  • Ella (Small laid-back town with some gorgeous views)
  • Kandy (temples, lakes, cultural center of the country)

From the airport in Colomba where you will land, these cities are accessible by road/train, which means no extra expense on a flight. Spend 5 days between these three places. There is a train that runs through these three cities/towns and is the most picturesque thing you could do in Sri Lanka.

2. Thailand
> Time To Get Visa: 3-4 days
> Ticket Cost Around Eid: 60,000+ PKR
> Where To Go:
Skip Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui this time because Thailand’s got a LOT and go explore somewhere else like:

  • Krabi (The island Koh Hong is beautiful & less touristy)
  • Chiang Mai (The city up north, don’t forget the White Temple)

If you have only 5 days, pick either one of the above, both are in different directions from Bangkok, where you will be landing. Chiang Mai is in northern Thailand and Krabi in the south. Oh and to save flight cost you can opt for a train ride, from Bangkok to either of these, but you will have to sacrifice a day, as the distance is long.

3. Azerbaijan
> Time To Get Visa: 3 days
> Ticket Cost Around Eid: 55000+ PKR
> Where To Go:
If you haven’t yet been to Baku, just consider Eid an excuse and head there to check what all the hype is about. The city is said to be modern architecturally, very similar to Turkey with respect to the vibe and food. The country is not expensive and happening enough to keep you entertained for a short 5-day trip. 
Note: while Azerbaijan is a Muslim country, all tourist activities take place like normal days in Baku, during Eid according to many forums.

4. Maldives
> Time To Get Visa: 0 days
> Ticket Cost Around Eid: 60,000+ PKR
> Where To Go:
The Maldives is about its pristine blue water, white sand and water villas. If you are in a mood to spend, book an all-inclusive villa on one of the many tiny islands and spend a relaxing holiday with your significant other. But, contrary to popular opinion, Maldives does not necessarily have to be the “luxury getaway” it is known to be. Several bloggers have written about how to do the Maldives on a budget. Here I am giving you the most fabulous piece I have found so far by one of my favorite bloggers Oneika. The only catch is, you have to give up the thought of staying in those water villas.
Note: while the Maldives is a Muslim country, but hosts tourists all year round, and Eid doesn’t make an exception.

Happy Holidays 😀