Ipanema beach and Carnival De Rio always come to my mind when someone says Brazil. If you have never explored South America, it is the best starter destination and probably the easiest among the other countries of the continent to get a visa or when you have a Pakistani Passport.
The only catch is, for those applying from Karachi might be required to visit Islamabad if they call you for an interview. So maybe a trip to Islamabad is a wise idea when you are applying for Brazil visa.
Following is the process & list of documents required:
  1. Fill out the online form, here.
  2. Print the confirmation form, sign and paste a passport-sized photo
  3. Pay the fee. Their account details are here.
  4. Bring the payment receipt, confirmation form and rest of the documents (original only) to the consulate.


  • Filled and signed form/confirmation
    An original copy of the duly filled and signed visa application form with a passport-sized picture attached to it. Before filling the online form, please do read the instructions and guidelines.
  • Photographs
    Two passport-sized, coloured photographs without any border, against a white background and taken at least 3 months prior to the application submission.
  • Hotel bookings
    Reserve free-cancellation, no pre-payment accommodation, this does not need to be an actual reservation, if you like you can change these later.
  • Air Tickets
    Book non-paid air tickets. Airlines hold your unpaid ticket reservation for 24-48 hours. You can use that confirmation.
  • Birth Certificate or MRC (Marriage registration certificate)
    These can be obtained from Nadra if you don’t have yours. (These documents must be attested in order to be accepted)
  • FRC (Family registration certificate) in case applying as a married couple or a family
    This can be obtained from Nadra if you don’t have yours. (These documents must be attested in order to be accepted)
  • Police Character Certificate
    Original and attested Police Character Certificate can be obtained from the police station of the jurisdiction of where you live.
  • 6-month bank statement & account maintenance letter
    Bank statement for the past 3 months with bank maintenance certificate. These documents must be stamped from your bank.
  •  Letter to the Embassy/Consulate
    A letter from you to the Consulate General, stating the complete reason for your intended visit and requesting a visa.
  • Letter from employer, verifying your occupation
    This letter needs to state your position, designation, NIC number, salary and the time since you are working at the said company; signed by your employer, basically confirming that you actually work where you are saying you do.
  • Itinerary
    Itinerary of the travel including all addresses of the expected stay and the places you desire to visit.
  • Passport
    Your original passport with its copy on an A4 sized paper must be submitted along with the application form and the required letters. Your passport must be valid for 6 months at the time of submission.

Additional information:

  1. Participants of academic conferences, seminars and congresses must provide an invitation letter from the organization that is sponsoring the event.
  1. Minors under 18 years of age are required a notarized letter of consent by the parent not travelling with the minor, or by both parents if the minor is travelling alone.


  1. What is the fee? US$ 80.00
  2. How to submit the documents? Fill the form online, pay the fee at, submit documents at the embassy.
  3. How many days does it take? The embassy/consulate will inform you the number of days.
  4. Do they call for an interview? YES
  5. Do they give a reason for refusal? No
  6. What is the validity period? 90 days
  7. How many days of entry do they give? Only once.




Karachi: Office Hours (They may vary, better to contact the consulate first)
Islamabad: 9:00am to 5:00pm (Monday – Friday)

Embassy Address:

Karachi: 113-A, Sindhi Muslim Housing Society, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, P.O. Box 7482, Karachi, Pakistan
Islamabad: House No.1, Street No.72, Sector F-8/3, Islamabad, Pakistan


Karachi: E-mail:
Telephone: (+92) 21-3455 6088
Islamabad: E-mail:
Telephone: 00-92-51-2287189




Disclaimer: This guide does not guarantee anyone a visa but it will answer all the questions you may have regarding the process.

Is there any question still unanswered? Please let me know in the comments section below. If you know anyone who is looking for this information, share away!