If you have a few extra days on your Asia trip, why not see a new country. Singapore is a small country that you can manage to squeeze in 2 days if you are already planning more than a week-long trip to Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia. But you have to plan ahead and prepare for Singapore visa application.

While the process is simple, people have reported that rejection rates are high and they sometimes make you run back & forth for additional documents. This is not to demotivate you but to prepare your mind. Also, you can choose to apply via an agent or do it yourself. Here are the documentation requirements you will need:


  • Filled form
    Download the form. An original copy of the filled and signed visa application form.
  • Photographs
    Two passport-sized, coloured photographs without any border that must be 35mm wide and 45mm high and taken at least 3 months prior to the application submission. One of the photographs must be affixed to the given space in the form.
  • Passport
    Your original passport with its copy must be submitted along with the application form and the required letters. Your passport must be valid for 6 months at the time of submission.
  • Confirmed Return Air Ticket
     You need to have a return ticket or if you plan to travel anywhere else then an onward journey ticket.
  • Letter to the Consulate
    A letter from you to the Consulate General, stating the complete reason for your intended visit and requesting a visa.
  • Letter of Introduction (LOI)
    This is a letter that one needs to obtain from a Singaporean resident. If you don’t know anyone in Singapore, you can apply for your visa via a travel agent and they help you obtain it. Here is a Sample Letter of Introduction.
  • Confirmed Hotel Bookings
    While some people report that getting an LOI is necessary, some others have also reported getting the Singaporean tourist visa, by providing hotel bookings and a LETTER OF INTRODUCTION (LOI) from their hotel, and skipping the LOI from a resident.

TIP: Some say that in order to be safe, it is recommended that you obtain an LOI because the rejection rate of Singaporean visa has been reported to be very high. But I called the Singaporean embassy while writing this article and they said you do not need LOI when applying as a tourist, instead you must provide confirmed hotel bookings.



How to submit the documents? You can do it yourself as well as via an agent (keep in mind that agents only help you obtain the LOI and they also charge a fee)
What is the fee?
 PKR 2900 (official fee), Rs. 7000-10,000 (If you apply via a travel agent)
How many days does it take? 15 – 20 days
Do they call for an interview? Usually no, but they might
Do they give a reason for refusal? No
When can I re-apply if is rejected? 6 months
What is the validity period? Varies from case to case
How many days of entry do they give? Varies from case to case

Note: For out of Karachi applicants, visa fees must be in the form of a “Demand Draft – payable in Karachi“, in favour of the  “Consulate-General of The Republic of Singapore”




Monday – Thursday > 8:30am – 1:00pm & 1:45pm – 5:30pm
Friday > 8:30am – 12.30pm & 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Address: Lakson Square, Building No 2, Sarwar Shaheed Road, Karachi, Pakistan


Telephone: +92 21 35688243 / +92 21 35686419



Lahore & Islamabad: You have to courier your documents to embassy in Karachi or do it via a travel agent.

Disclaimer: This guide does not guarantee anyone a visa but it will answer all the questions you may have regarding the process.

Is there any question still unanswered? Please let me know in the comments section below. If you know anyone who is looking for this information, share away!