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It is not often that we hear fellow Pakistanis say that they want to visit Kenya for holidays. But visa to Kenya on a Pakistani passport is so easy and hassle free to obtain, that we all must put it in our bucket list. Kenya is the quintessential Africa. If you wonder, what is in Kenya? Then you must look up Masai Mara safari and coast of Mombasa in the east. And their capital? Well, they say Nairobi is the Europe of Africa.

Pakistani passport holders are eligible for visa on arrival as well as e-visa. But as I always say, on our passport, it is always better to be in possession of visa when you land, if it is possible. Kenya e-visa process is literally d0-it-yourself and so this mini guide aims to inform you of every thing you will be asked and will be required to upload while you are in the process of creating the online visa application.


The process is simple. Create an account and submit your application on their e-visa website. It requires information in 6 steps and the last is payment of visa fee.

  1. Traveler’s Information; including your parents name and your occupation
  2. Nationality, residence information and contact details
  3. Passport details
  4. Travel details; including reason to travel, intended date of entry and exit, complete name adress and contact of places you will be staying at. It also asks you to mention the airport you will be landing at, so you must have your itinerary planned if not booked.
  5. Travel history; here they ask you if you have been to Kenya before and some other related questions
  6. Attach supporting documents: here they ask you to upload
    1. Scan or photo of your passport’s bio page
    2. A passport size photo (500pixels x 500pixels)
    3. Additional documents:
      1. Travel itinerary (Details about places to visit if going as tourist)
      2. Hotel bookings (make free cancellation, no-prepayment bookings)
      3. Return Air Ticket (not mandatory, but it is always good to show that you will return; get a dummy one from a travel agent)
      4. Identity Documents (NIC or drivers licence)
  7. And the last step is visa fee, $51, which has to be paid by card, and your application is submitted!

kenya visa pakistani passport

Once submitted, go to the profile/dashboard and you will be able to track the status of visa. Once approved, you will be able to download it as a pdf file. Upon showing a print of the e-visa, you will get  entry stamped easily at the immigration counter at the airport. Kenyans are a friendly bunch.

How many days it takes: 3 working days
Visa validity: 3 months from issue date

Incase of any issue, here is the contact of visa department: +254-707-657-945

If you still have any question unanswered, please write me in comments below. And if you know someone who is looking for this information, share away! If you need help planning a trip to Kenya, read my blog “How To Spend 6 Days In Kenya”