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East Africa is indeed a destination that surprises you. There are many ways you can build an trip plan depending on how many days you have, what is your budget, and what type of activities you want to do. I wanted to visit this region, and had about 3 weeks of time. My budget was to stay under $3500. I wanted to do the quintessential African safari hence I planned Kenya, also felt like doing a bit off beaten adventure, hence the trip to Uganda and then I was really curious to check the hyped up exotic Zanzibar, famous spot in the east african coast.

So here’s the summary of how I built my trip

What My Trip Was Like

  • Day 1-2: Stay and explore Nairobi
  • Day 3-5: Masai Mara Safari
  • Day 5-6: Back To Nairobi & visiting local friends
  • Day 7: Travel To Kampala, Uganda (left at 12 midnight in overnight bus)
  • Day 7: Exploring Kampala city (Uganda’s capital)
  • Day 8: Taking a 1 hour bus to Jinja Town for Bungee Jumping
  • Day 9: Travel 6 hours south to Lake Bunyonyi (Kibale Town)
  • Day 9-10: Exploring a hidden jem (29 islands of Lake Bunyonyi)
  • Day 10: Travel back to Kampala, have one last dinner with hostel friends
  • Day 11: Take Uber from Kampala to Entebbe & catch flight to Dares Tanzania
  • Day 11-13: Explore Dares-salam
  • Day 13: Take Ferry to Zanzibar
  • Day 13-18: Slow the pace and enjoy the paradise in Zanzibar
  • Day 19: Take an ATR flight back to Dares, and flight back to Karachi

Here’s how much this itinerary costed me..

Yellow Fever Certificate: $10

  • Get it from Jinnah hospital for approx. 10$

Visa: $154

  • Kenya: $54 (evisa)
  • Uganda: $50 (on-arrival at the overland border)
  • Tanzania: $50 (on-arrival)

Transport (Flights/Buses/Ferries):  $1185

  • Karachi-Dubai flight: $140 (Fly Dubai)
  • Dubai-Nairobi, Kenya flight: $190 (Rwand Air)
  • Taxi from Nairobi Airport to Hotel: $20
  • Nairobi, Kenya-Kampala, Uganda: $23 (Modern Coast Bus)
  • Taxi from bus stand to Hostel: $10
  • Kampala to Lake Bunyonyi: $23 (taxi + bus, round trip)
  • Kampala-Entebbe*, Uganda: $20 (Uber)
    • *Had to take 1 hour journey to Entebbe because Kampala city doesn’t have an airport)
  • Entebbe-Dares, Tanzania flight: $172 (Fast Jet)
  • Taxi from Dares Aiport to Hotel: $10
  • Dares-Zanzibar, Tanzania ferry: $50 (VIP class)
  • Taxi from ferry station to Hotel: $15
  • Taxi from hotel to Zanzibar Airport: $15
  • Zanzibar-Daressalam flight: $80(Coastal Airlines)
  • Dares-Karachi flight: $417 (Emirates)

Stay: $565

Tours: $667

In Kenya
Masai Mara Safari: $300 (Safari, Stay, Food Transport included for 3 Days 2 Nights)
KICC helipad (2nd Tallest building & Geometric centre of Nairboi): $6
Giraffe Centre: $10
Masai Village visit(tip to elders): $10
In Uganda
Bungee Jumping: $185 (3 Jumps)
Qaddafi Mosque (going at the top, view point): $4
Canoe Trip Around Lake Bunyonyi Islands: $6
In Tanzania
Safari Blue Tour (Zanzibar): $70
Turtle Island tour + Stone Town stopover + Forodhani Gardens transport: $40

Food: $295

  • In Nairobi for 3 days (plus airport) food, drinks, coffee: $81
  • In Masai Mara Safari for 3 days: $0 since it was all covered in cost of safari
  • In Uganda for 5 days (plus airport) food, drinks, coffee: $84
  • In Tanzania for 8 days: $130

Taxis/Ubers/Buses: $53

  • In Nairobi for 3 days: $27
  • In Uganda for 5 days: $16
  • In Tanzania : $10

Misc: $84

  • In Nairobi: $24 (phone connection, souvenirs, tips etc)
  • In Uganda:$20
  • In Tanzania: $40

Total for 3 weeks it costed me: Approx. $3013

Did it help you? Do you have more questions? Please let me know in the comments below.

Hakuna Matata!