Visa free on US visa

Hey you all US visa holders! While you are also a Pakistani and can’t roam free and easy in the world, consider yourself a privileged one. You can make last minute travel plans to quite a few destinations where others cant.  Following is the list.

Please click on the country name to see the source.



  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Belize (clearance required & they ask for a repatriation fee of $600)
  • Panama
  • Sao Tome & Principe
  • Antigua Barbuda (Visa On Arrival)
  • Cuba (you need to obtain a tourist card)
    • You can’t enter Cuba for tourism purpose from USA, fly there from Mexico instead
  • Bahamas
    • Jan 2018: I haven’t yet found a source on the internet, but know of someone who has travelled
    • July 2018: Another traveller reported that if you are going just for the day visit you can do it visa-free, but she wanted to stay the night so she got the visa from Miami in 2 days for $100

While your US visa is valid for 5 years, make sure to utilise it to plan trips to these destinations in Europe, Central America & Caribbean.

NOTE: This list keeps changing with time. You are welcome to suggest an addition or subtraction, but please send me the source link. 🙂