Pakistani passport travel without visa countries list

Having a Pakistani passport and being bitten by travel bug ensures your life will never be easy. For starters there is only 6 countries in the entire wide world we can travel to without obtaining any kind of visa either from before or online or on arrival. Only SIX! There are however 22 countries we can fly to without a visa, but will have to obtain it on arrival, i.e. at the airport. That too in many cases is not easy. This makes it a total of 27 countries; but many of the countries/islands are so remote or expensive to fly to, that you will realise they barely come into our consideration when planning the itinerary.

In case you are planning to travel visa free, here goes the list:


This is a list of countries where you can just fly off to any time, without worrying about the visa, only keeping handy the documents they will ask you for when you arrive. However some exceptions have been marked with an * and explained at the bottom.

1. Cambodia* (can also apply online here)
2. Maldives
3. Nepal

4. Kenya* (can also apply online here)
5. Uganda (can also apply online here)
6. Tanzania*
7. Seychelles
8. Comoros
9. Djibouti
10. Madagascar
11. Mozambique
12. Togo
13. Cape Verde
14. Guinea Bissau
15. Mauritania
16. Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

17. Tuvalu
18. Timor Leste
19. Palau
20. Samoa

21. Nicaragua


22. Dominica
23. Haiti
24. St Vincent & Grenadine
25. Trinidad & Tobago

26. Micronesia
27. Vanuatu

While the list above is officially true, keep in mind there are some countries who will give you trouble even on visa on arrival.

For example, Cambodia. Repeatedly, travellers from Pakistan have reported being thoroughly inquired at the airport at the immigration stop even when they had visa before landing. It is thus advised to get Cambodia visa before hand. You can do that easily at the Cambodian embassy in Bangkok or by applying online. In general, any country that give an e-visa facility, it is highly advised to not go for visa-on-arrival, because with a Pakistani passport you can never be sure of the treatment you will receive when at a foreign airport.

Also, Tanzania. If you want to fly straight to Tanzania from any airport in Pakistan, the airline might require an ‘Okay To Board’. For the ‘okay to board’ stamp, you might need to get an ‘invitation letter’. Or alternatively, fly to some other destination from Pakistan, and then take a flight to Tanzania to avoid the hassle.

Kenya is also a unique case. Ever since they launched e-visa, they are discouraging on-arrival visa. The debate is still on, whether they have completely finished on-arrival visa facility or not. Better to get the e-visa.

Even if it falls in this list, always check for a destinations requirement before you buy the ticket.

Happy Travels 🙂

Oh by the way, there are also some countries for which Pakistanis can get e-visa. And there are some that give you e-visa or visa free entry or on-arrival visa if you have a a valid US/UK/Schengen visa.