Fairy Meadows is situated at an altitude of 3300 meters about sea level and is popular amongst travelers due to the breathtaking view of Nanga Parbat that it offers. Also it is the launching point for mountaineers headed to Nanga Partbat basecamp. If you haven’t yet hiked ever and want to start, I suggest picking this one as your first hiking trip. Following are the 6 reasons why:



1. You are enthusiastic but really how fit are you: I used to think I can go visit Concordia (K2) basecamp without any preparation before I trekked to Fairy Meadows. It is true that working professionals living a non-active lifestyle need to do beginner’s level treks first to evaluate where do they stand. Another beginner level trek is: Rakaposhi base camp.

2.You think you have patience, but do you? During the first 30 minutes on Fairy meadow trek when your body is exposed to less and lesser oxygen with each step, you do lose your patience. You do think why am I doing this. You basically get a reality check on your willpower. Proof of what I am saying? You will see plenty of trekkers quitting and getting up on the horse back.


3. You want to cross ‘trekking’ off your bucket list. You have never trekked before, neither are you very much into active outdoorsy type of travel. But you want to do a basic trek just to experience what is it like being on your foot, on a rough terrain. This trail is meant for you.

4. You will get to know how breathing is like in high altitude. You need to experience what shortage of oxygen is like, before you want to trek for longer duration and on higher altitudes




5. You will know how hours of walking, few days in a row feels like in your feet, legs, calves. There is a huge difference in walking trails for a few days and walking for more than a week, for several hours every day. If your legs, calves and feet are not used to of this kind of physical exertion, you will get a fair introduction to soreness.




6. You will be able to trek on a slow pace and enjoy some of the most scenic views during Beyal Camp part. Beyaal Camp is a stopping point for trekkers who are on their way to Nanga Parbat basecamp. It is an easy breezy 1.5 hour hike that starts from Fairy Meadows campsite.  While not a campsite, Beyal Camp is typically a lunch stopover place & also is neighbors to a view point of Nanga Parbat mountain.