Going to Vegas & not experiencing a swanky strip club. I had never visited a one before. What could possibly go wrong?

Stop looking for them. This post does not have any pictures. And just by the way this was not a strip club meant for females. This one was meant for males. Since I had no intentions of getting a strip show and also strip clubs for females were way more expensive in Vegas, I decided to at least add this experience to my life and to my short 3 night stay at the fabulous Las Vegas.

hallway-sapphire-gentlemans-club-las-vegas-usaIt is difficult to describe in words what you see and how you feel at a strip club for the first time. Let’s just say it is celebration of nudity. It looks beautiful and sexy if you feel it with an open mind and yet weird. Humans come there to see other humans take off their clothes. But didn’t we all live sans clothes all the time, several thousand years ago? I pondered over that question later.


So my curiosity, in a limousine, took me to Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club. They claim to be the world’s largest gentleman club, I am not sure about that claim, and to be honest I was completely oblivious to this fact at that time. Huge hall, blue and purple in color; dark and dim lights, with a tall staircase erected center stage, from where the ladies would slide down on the stage for your viewing pleasure. And then do all the rest of the things for you. I got seated, started enjoying the show and along with my friends started playing the who’s-hot-who’s-not game. It lasted till the stripper ladies started coming to us (though we were seated far from the stage) trying to make a sell. And what happened next, was what I hope would never happen again. I was trapped into getting a strip show. For how long? It lasted till two tracks! And cost us $40. How did I feel about it? Well it was like going to Thailand and eating bugs. You only do it in the name of being curious and adventurous.

After my curiosity was more than sated, I headed to Tryst at Wynn to shake off the glitter & end the night.