how to plan tomorrowland from pakistan

So you really want to visit to Tomorrowland? You have decided you want to visit next year? August/September is the best time to decide if you are serious about it for next year or not. Why? I’ll come to that later in this post. Gather your friends/travel companions/partners in crime and take the decision during these months. This post will guide you all that you need know & do about:

How to Get the Ticket? (DEC-JAN)

Tomorrowland (in Belgium) happens in July & ticket sale happens between January-February. Sale usually lasts for not more than 30 minutes. Tickets are fairly easy to get if you do not have any kind of budget restrictions. There will be several places you can buy them from after the official sale has ended. But if you want to buy tickets at decent (read official) prices you need to:

TIP # 1: Follow TL’s Facebook, Instagram or Website from November. It will keep you updated with the announcement of pre-registration date. This means only people who will pre-register will be given a link to purchase tickets when the sale opens. One person can buy 4 tickets. Pre-registeration usually starts between November-January.

TIP # 2: On the date of the sale have your laptops, internet and credit/debit cards ready. Along with atleast 1 or 2 of your friends, you should be waiting & refreshing Tomorrowland website a few minutes before the sale time. Their website crashes, shows glitches almost every time. Sometimes it is a smooth process, sometimes it is not. Be patient.

TIP # 3: After you have bought the ticket you will get some time to attach a name to it. Make sure you do that in the allotted time.

TIP # 4: Tomorrowland sells various types of tickets; with camping, without camping, regular, comfort etc etc. Make sure you have spent time on their website and have decided what you are buying, before the day of the sale.

Your ticket/proof of purchase will be an invoice, till you receive your bracelet in mail & activate it. Even if you have secured your tomorrowland ticket, it is no guarantee that you are actually going there. Schengen visa will decide your luck.


Schengen Visa (APR-MAY)

Securing your ticket, it is no guarantee that you are actually going there. Schengen visa will decide your luck.

TIP # 1: You need to start collecting the documents you need in the month of April. If you are a working professional like me, I will suggest you from my experience that please get the visa requirements a month before you want to apply for visa. Because only after getting the requirements list you get to know if you need to pay visits to Nadra offices for any mandatory document that you may not have.

TIP # 2: Since you have already paid for a huge event in Tomorrowland, chances of getting Schengen visa via Belgian embassy become very high. I would recommend not going via any travel agent, rather directly take your documents & filled application form to Gerry’s office and they will courier it to the embassy in Islamabad. Processing time will be 20-25 days.

TIP # 3: Meanwhile these 3 weeks, you can plan what else you’d like to do in Europe, depending on your budget. You can join various TL forums on Facebook. (These forums are also the place via which you might be able to find a buyer for you TL ticket, just in case your visa is rejected).


How Much Will It Cost

The big question, how much does it take to go for a Tomorrowland holiday? There are many answers to that question, but primarily two ways to go about it:

ONE: Visit Belgium for Tomorrowland and back home
Total duration: 8 nights (4 at TL, 4 nights in Belgium)
Approx Cost of Trip: $2500

  • Return Ticket Belgium: $800-$1100
  • TL Ticket: Approx $450 (Regular ticket with camping site access)
  • Schengen Visa: $180-200
  • Stay in Belgium (4 nights): $250-$350
  • Daily expenses (transport, food/beverage, misc): $300
  • TL Expenses (transport, food/beverage, misc): $300
  • Camping Gear & other supplies: $150

This is a budget way of doing it. You can squeeze this figure even smaller if you are a hardcore backpacker style traveler. However usually the logic says, why not see a few more European destinations when you are there already.

TWO: Visit Belgium for Tomorrowland & Few Other Places

This way your trip will cost you more than $2500 (depending on how long you want to stay or how many places you want to see). Which is not too big of an incremental cost (since you have already paid for your air ticket). You can at the very least visit the two neighboring countries France & Netherlands; which are less than few hours train ride from all Belgian cities. In fact, you also should not leave Belgium without exploring the following cities Brussels, Antwerp & Bruges.